To Glimpse or not? The Million dollar question…

To Glimpse or not? The Million dollar question...av

 On my twitter feed (   I seen a post from “Vogue Australia” regarding a new techie app for online daters.  Although, I had previously said that online dating is not my cup of tea anymore as I’ve been there done that and didn’t meet someone I would be compatible with just players, liers and weirdos. I did meet some that became friends and nothing more. Don’t tell me you are 6 ft and Italian & turns out you are 5’2 and middle eastern Lol!  When I asked him what happened because I had to… I was told he is half Italian Lol!  I’m a good sport so I went along the date only as friends he was already a turnoff for lying.
 When I lived in Tempe, AZ online dating was something I did because living in another state by yourself and not having much friends can get quite lonely. You can just do soo much shopping, dining out, working out, clubbing etc… 🙂  Most of my friends were colleagues from work and they were much older than me and bowling was their type of having a fantastic week. Bowling is a cool sport don’t get me wrong but I have been used to living the social life of dancing, social drinking, sporting events, traveling etc…. and I thought I can always bowl on a tuesday or wednesday not on a saturday night. My colleague tried to set me up with her boyfriend”s best friend who was divorced, on the chubby side and not my type. I did say “tried” as nothing happened. I appreciate the gesture but not my type of guy. 
Fast forward to now the year 2014 I had already decided to not do online dating however, when I came across this app I checked it out only out of curiosity. I had already seen other dating apps that were recommended in previous articles, blogs such as “Latina Magazine” and the apps were very superficial and it reminded me of “myspace” rating people if they were hot or not.  Didn’t like the fact that these other apps had your locations and it’s not a good safety measure. You never know who you are talking to! Yes, there are weirdooo’s out there.What I liked about “Glimpse” is that it’s linked to your instagram account so there is no need to fill out a questionaire, answer questions, write an “about me” section. They say pictures are worth 1,000 words and we all know pictures sell whether it’s your brand, company or yourself.

Instead of reading what people love to do such as camping, hiking, traveling etc… all you have to do is look at their app profile and see a collection of pictures and what their likes are and how they enjoy life. #nobrainer Now I know why it’s called “Glimpse” so you can Glimpse over to the app and see who interests you. You can send a smile and vise versa & if it’s reciprocated then you can start sending messages via the app.

According to Glimpse, For now, the accounts that users see are random, but Glimpse’s plan is to customize it based on location and other factors. One interesting thing I found about this app is that it’s available by “invitation” online. Is this some sort of VIP? Because no line needed I will just walk up 😉  I’m awaiting for the approval to my account. Was not invited, just signed up. So, well see how that goes 🙂 I find it very mysterious. Top Secret! Shhhhh!

I might do an update blog once I get approved by Glimpse and try it out for kicks to see if it’s a yay or nay! Heck, you can even share your business ideas and acquire leads… and if it’s Global even better. You can always gain more friends. I was told by one of many leaders @ my previous company to date people and see them as leads. Ummm, fail! Lol! The ones I considered just friends but would have lunch with wanted to take it to the next level and that simply didn’t go well with me. I don’t mix business with pleasure and thank God I never listened just to raise to a higher rank. My reputation is very important and I work hard not easy. Only way I will be with someone within the company is if it’s a relationship 🙂 In this profession we see a lot of power couples so if I do meet someone within an organization then so be it but in the meantime I am open to other areas too. I can’t imagine recruiting guys I’m dating and bringing them in the company and not having a dilemma! Hilarious!

Anywhooo , this is my blog on “Glimpse” online dating app. Catch you on the next blog! 🙂

Toodles! 🙂