Brining bring it!

And now we officially are in brining mode!  The video pretty much explains the process but I wanted to include a tip or two.  You can be as creative as you want, the point is to bathe the turkey.  What I do is get a clean pot, as you will notice the pot I used is pretty much used up but sturdy.  It’s been through tamaleville, birriaville & pozoleville but it works!  I put aluminium foil at bottom, put my turkey in and pour on the brine… herbs and all! Then get ICE COLD water in a pot as I did on video.  Some people put a bag of ice and fill it with water and add it to the brine. I just put water in the freezer ready when available. Each to their own liking 🙂

I have a large lid that comes along with this large pot. This pot is a tamale vapor pot with holes built in so I was able to use it as a cover lid. If you don’t have one, find something close to it. Be creative  🙂

Once lid is on top of turkey, it might shake from side to side (the lid not the turkey) Lol!  Soo, what I do is get a brick from my front yard, wash it &  cover it with aluminium foil and place it on top of the lid. It holds it in place so the turkey is submerged in brine.  If a little brine comes out it’s okay it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will still be delicious! 🙂

After 24-48 hours take out the turkey, rinse it from the inside of cavity and outside, legs and all just as your bathing a baby! Give it some Loveeeee, pat it dry with some towels and its ready to stuff it. I don’t stuff it with stuffing as it’s not sanitary you can get bacteria even though your going to cook it, but everyone is different if you have always done it that way then do it that way.  I prepare my stuffing as a side dish.

What I DO stuff the cavity with is herbs, spices and citrus fruits.  I include rosemary, slices of lemons & oranges, laurel leaves and put baby potatoes around the outside of turkey with sprigs of parsley.



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